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Wednesday, February 11, 2009


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Leo Lyon Zagami, I have observed him for a good while now, by videos and audio files wherein he has spoken.

I observed that he always goes to great lenths to avoid makin as statement, that he believes to be untrue.

This does not mean that he is truthful. To be truthful, one must know, and not believe. In fact, truthfulness in speech happens without even thinkin about it.

What it does mean, he is honorable. His feelin for honor is a result of his noble blood.

Commoners are not honorable. You can spot a commoner by their mercenary nature. They find it truly easy to allow themselves to lie, in order to get what they want. In other words, they are born with an instinct, that tells them that desire supersedes truthspeakin.

Nobility, on the other hand, is born with instinct that says truthspeakin supersedes desire.

It is men I am talkin about here. All women are common. There may be exceptions, but if you want to follow a guideline, begin with treatin them as common, until you find out differently.

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