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Friday, March 26, 2004

Is Eavesdropping Bad or Rude?  

Types of Eavesdropping Attack Examples


Kinds of Eavesdropping (See Examples Below):


+ Child eavesdropping on adults

 -- Children will hear sayings of their parents, there is no forfending of it.  Every parent must be very canny about what he says.

+ Parent eavesdropping on a child

-- If the parents treat the child well, and if they have good communication with him, then there will never be a need for the parents to eavesdrop.

If a parent neglects, abuses, or misunderstands the child, then communication breaks down, so that eavesdropping MAY be thought to be necessary, to protect the child from tempting influences from the neighborhood, or from electronic communications.

That reason for eavesdropping is not ideal, but is better than no protection at all in many cases.

If a parent is obsessive or overly suspicious, then he may intrude into the child's privacy far too excessively for the child's own sanity.  That were bad.

+ Parent eavesdropping on an adolescent

-- This is the same as parent eavesdropping on a child, except that now there is a peril from exploitive relationships that could result in heartbreaking, pregnancy, or disease.

+ Teachers eavesdropping on students

-- This is about the same as parents eavesdropping on children or adolescents.

+ Eavesdropping in a crowd

-- Whether this is good or bad depends upon the moral stature of the person who is listening.  Whether he intends to intrude for selfishness of his own, or because he is a spy for a hostile group, or whether it is for some good cause is what determines whether it is good or bad.

+ Non-electronic eavesdropping

-- This would include listening at a window or door, or through a wall, or by standing near to a conversation intended to be private.  I once lived in a trailer, and an ~18-year-old son of one of my neighbors crawled under the trailer to listen to our conversations.  I found out about this afterward.  This is commonly regarded as unconscionable.  However, he was checking up on his thirteen-year-old sister who had a propensity for trying to seduce older men.  Good or bad?

+ Police eavesdropping

 -- This includes the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) and other national governmental institutions.  A warrant is required from a judge or magistrate, which must fit certain rules.  There must be observable facts that suggest that a crime has been done, or may be done.  This system has been abused in the past.  It depends upon the moral uprightness of the judges, magistrates, and policefolk involved.

+ Unauthorized electronic eavesdropping by a private organization or individual

-- In my town a particular club has in it a lineman for the phone company.  He has illegally tapped phones of private citizens including my own, and so far the club has gotten away with it for a long time, for the police chief is also leader of the club.  This was not done for use by police, but for private curiosity.  I have inside connections who informed me about it.  It is bad.

--  Nowadays many phones can be heard by other phones and devices, without the permission of the owner of the phone, just because the signal is broadcast into the air.  This is not illegal.  What is illegal is to use an electronic eavesdropping device to listen to more private or secure conversations without a warrant.

+ Eavesdropping  by the "Intelligence Community"

-- This can protect the peace and security of a nation, or it can be abused for political or even individual selfish purposes.  Much of the intelligence community has abused electronic eavesdropping in recent decades in order to give information to outside interests.  That has been bad.

Examples of Parents eavesdropping on children:

In Michigan it is illegal for parents to listen to children's telephones.  This is contested, and, so, may be changed.


Are Your Communications Private?

Have you heard about folks looking into other people's private communications without their permission?


Who have Been the Bad Ones

I have heard about folks in the US government, the public library system, the military, and the Pentagon disrespecting other people's privacy.  These are our foes, the bad guys.  Infiltrators.  Not of our kind.


What Happens to Them

The folks who have been doing this also are experiencing a higher death rate than good people experience, also more diseases, financial and relationship problems and so on. In general, they are having more problems than good people have.


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